It’s only been a few months since Facebook changed its name to Meta and it’s the meta age now. From Fashion Street brands to commercial banks, everyone wants to be part of the metaverse and has been working to build their presence in the digital world. As an extremely smart investor, you shouldn’t miss these metaverse trends in 2022. Updating the latest metaverse trends right here!

Realistic Avatar 

One thing that needs immediate attention shortly is that avatars in the metaverse move away from their emoji-like looks to more realistic ones. Avatar customization can be a million-dollar market but in the immediate future, metaverse users want their avatars to match their real identities.

If Meta and Microsoft are looking at the metaverse where people will come to work and interact with other people, avatars need to look more like real people doing real work. Legless avatars can work in a game, but if you’re expecting an executive to talk about the company’s new products, they just can’t float on stage.

More Popular Names to Join Metaverse

Metaverse trends can't be missed in 2022

Critics of the metaverse may believe it doesn’t have anything new to offer and that it’s like old wine in a new bottle, but that’s unlikely to stop the big brands from splurging more on the metaverse, just because they’re afraid of missing out (FOMO).

Use of Alt Coins

As users begin to interact in the metaverse, the need for a medium of exchange arises. Platform creators are keen to introduce their digital currencies for use in these worlds but since users may want to join and jump out of this metaverse, a more uniform means of exchange. With non-fungible tokens (NFTs) becoming a standard feature in metaverse discussions, popular altcoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and their ilk will also follow the metaverse.

Hardware Updates

Hardware Updates

Metaverse companies may be eyeing selling their AR/VR hardware as a significant source of revenue at the start of their metaverse journey. However, if the metaverse is to grow at scale and not be limited to a few early adopters and enthusiasts, the entry-level requirements need to be reduced.

As for technology in progress, hardware upgrades are certain to come, but it will also require the headset to drop the frills and become an easy-to-use wearable. This includes not only creating interactive visuals but also immersive sound for a truly augmented reality experience.

No code platform

Meta may have spent billions of dollars building the first iterations of the metaverse but if the metaverse is to truly grow as a decentralized entity, users need to be free to build their vision of the world.

This means developing platforms that allow users to unleash their creativity without having to deal with the complexities of coding. The race next year will be to develop these code-free platforms and reach out to potential users.

The metaverse is changing every second, and it’s going to be the key that opens the future door. Updating these metaverse trends and becoming a good investor. 

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