Starting a business is an exciting venture, but the launch process can be daunting. For ambitious entrepreneurs ready to enter the marketplace, planning and implementing your launch strategy are essential steps for success. 

If you’re looking to open up operations on Binance Smart Chain (BNB), these guidelines will help simplify this important process and get you off to a great start. You’ll gain insight into what goes into launching on BNB chain so that you can take your idea from concept to reality with confidence.

About BNB chain

BNB Chain is a decentralized smart contract blockchain that offers programmability that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). BNB Chain has developed an ecosystem that enables nodes, token holders, developers, and users to profit from the blockchain by introducing the Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) consensus method.

Launching on BNB chain steps by steps guide to

Preparing to launching on BNB chain development environment

Start with BNB Studio

In comparison to conventional Ethereum development toolkits like Remix and Ganache, BNB Studio streamlines environment setup procedures and incorporates necessary tools for a full development lifecycle, such as a graphic code editor, project manager, keypair manager, block explorer, contract inspector, and network manager.

Develop locally with BNB Studio Desktop

For BNB Chain developers of all skill levels, BNB Studio Desktop is an excellent all-in-one IDE platform. From its Repo, you may get the most recent version of BNB Studio Desktop. The current supported operating systems for BNB Studio include Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Preparing Prerequisites

You will be sent to a welcome page that lists the requirements for BNB Chain Development, including Docker, BNB Node, and Truffle, after the first successful starting of BNB Studio.

  • In order to launch the BNB node and build applications, BNB Studio uses Docker. If you haven’t installed Docker on your computers yet, click Install Docker to go to the official Docker website, where you may download and set up the most recent version.
  • Docker images for BNB Chain nodes are kept on BNB Chain Docker Hub, which BNB Studio uses to execute BNB Chain nodes.
  • The toolbox for creating and compiling truffle projects used by BNB Studio is called BNB Chain Truffle.
Launching on BNB chain steps by steps guide to

Develop online with BNB Studio Web

For developers who want to create, assemble, and execute BNB Chain smart contracts online, BNB Studio also provides a web version. The majority of features in BNB Studio Desktop are carried over to the online edition, which does not require the installation of dependencies on local workstations. 

For BNB Chain developers who wish to test out BNB Chain development without bothering about installing BNB Chain dependencies locally, it is the ideal option. In SmartOSC, we have years of experience with this, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Connecting to BNB Chain networks

The two networks that BNB Chain principally provides are BNB Chain Mainnet and BNB Chain Testnet.

  • The BNB Chain Testnet is a test network used for testing, where Testnet tokens may be obtained for free and have no economic worth.
  • The primary network for production applications is called BNB Chain Mainnet. The Mainnet is where users engage with smart contracts, making the Mainnet tokens (BNB/BEP20) true cryptocurrencies.
Launching on BNB chain steps by steps guide to

Key tools in launching on BNB chain


The design and maintenance of dApps are intended to be made simpler by the Truffle development framework, which is built on Solidity. The Javascript-based tool Truffle has a robust collection of tools to allow the creation, implementation, and testing of smart contracts.


Solc is a Solidity command-line compiler. It finally deploys to behave exactly like other smart contracts we have seen on-chain by converting Solidity smart contract code into binary code in EVM.

BNB Chain Client (based on Geth)

The Geth platform, on which both of our BNB Chain nodes (Testnet and Mainnet) are running, provides the foundation for the BNB Chain Client, a client application. With the self-installed BNB Chain clients of our choosing, we can also operate our own BNB Chain nodes and local development network.

In Conclusion,

The Binance smart chain offers many advantages for DeFi projects, including low transaction fees and lightning-fast speeds. In this guide, we’ve outlined the steps you need to take in order to launching on BNB chain. If you have any questions or need help getting started, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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