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Indexing in Blockchain Definition 

An index is defined as something that allows users to search for specific words on the Blockchain and will expand its reach, power, and usability. There are several levels of detail at which indexing can be performed. Because the total amount of data recorded in the entire Blockchain requires the ability to identify and retrieve it, indexing at this basic level is crucial for high-level blockchain queries. 

Querying in Blockchain Definition

Key points you should remember about blockchain indexing protocol

A blockchain, as well as a distributed ledger, stores data. It is possible that the transaction data stored in the chain needs to be searched. One of such situations can occur in the establishment of a blockchain that maintains data on electronic health care records. We may need to access a certain patient’s treatment history from time to time. In this case, the appropriate records for the patient in question can be distributed across multiple volumes. Searches can be performed instantly by traversing a linked list from the most recent block back and collecting the appropriate entries. Of course, it is possible that many unrelated blocks will be accessed during the search. Furthermore, the current query APIs are platform-dependent, limited, and only support basic queries.

About the Problem of Indexing in Blockchain Query

Blockchain technology provides decentralization and tamper-proof properties, allowing it to store data securely. However, current blockchain technology has poor data management performance and only allows traversal queries using transaction hashes as variables. The Account Transaction Tracking Chain (ATTC)-based query method improves the efficiency of querying an account’s past transactions. On the other hand, the efficiency of finding accounts with longer transaction chains has not been much improved.

Key points you should remember about blockchain indexing protocol

Due to the inefficiency of the ATTC index and its unique method of querying, a subchain-based account transaction chain index structure (SCATC) is the perfect solution. To begin with, the account transaction chain is split into subchains, with the last block of each subchain linked by a hash reference.

Blockchain Indexing Protocol Definition 

Blockchain Indexing Protocol is a distributed indexing mechanism for organizing blockchain data, which is used by applications to query open APIs for indexed data on blockchain networks. Developers use the blockchain indexing protocol to create serverless applications that run entirely on public infrastructure. It allows you to query data that is not directly accessible. The Indexing Protocol organizes all data on the Blockchain, allowing developers to perform their UI operations more efficiently.

Key points you should remember about blockchain indexing protocol

Graph Function Mechanism

Once the subgraph manifest is created, you use the CLI Graph to save it in IPFS and instruct the indexer to start indexing the data for that subgraph. The processes that Flow Blockchain performs to index queries are as follows:

  • A decentralized application that contributes data to Ethereum through a smart contract transaction.
  • While processing a transaction, the smart contract generates one or more events.
  • The Graph Node is always scanning Ethereum for new blocks and the data they can feed to your subgraph.
  • The Graph Node searches these blocks for Ethereum events associated with your subgraph and executes the mapping handlers you specified.
  • Mapping is a WASM module responsible for creating or updating the data entities held by the Graph Node in response to Ethereum events

As we know blockchain stores data in a distributed manner, making it difficult to retrieve specific data. The Blockchain Indexing Protocol plays an integral role in the Blockchain Data Query process.

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