Do you understand how to launch a cryptocurrency business? In just a few years, the cryptocurrency market has gone from a lot of hype surrounding a pipe dream to a thriving success story.

There are now thousands of crypto assets where there was once only Bitcoin. And there is no sign of the industry slowing down anytime soon. Because of the excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies, many businesses have expressed an interest in creating them. How to start a crypto startup in 2 months?

1. Define your idea

Your cryptocurrency’s success depends on clearly defining your goals from the start. Begin by considering what you want to achieve and who your target audience is. Remember that to generate interest in your cryptocurrency. You’ll need to develop a value proposition.

2. Create a white paper

How to start a crypto startup in 2 months

Want to attract investors to your new cryptocurrency? Then you’ll need a comprehensive white paper. A white paper can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful cryptocurrency. A white paper will also give your cryptocurrency credibility by detailing its purpose and the technology behind it.

3. Hire a Crypto audit company

Any successful cryptocurrency must have credibility and legitimacy. This is where auditing firms can help. Crypto auditing firms like Hacken will examine your blockchain’s code for vulnerabilities. Using a crypto audit company will help prospective investors feel more secure.

4. Verify legal aspects

Remember how we said the SEC was cracking down on fraudulent ICOs earlier? Skipping this step is one way to learn quickly how to deal with the SEC. Even if you have the best intentions, ensuring you are not inadvertently breaking federal laws is critical. And because crypto has some gray areas, hiring a lawyer with experience dealing with securities is a good idea.

How to start a crypto startup in 2 months

5. Promotion

It is one thing to launch a cryptocurrency. Growing it is another matter. It’s not like “Field of Dreams,” where “If you build it, they will come.” Instead, it would help if you worked on promoting your new cryptocurrency, which requires developing a marketing strategy that reflects the value proposition of your asset. Remember to emphasize what distinguishes your cryptocurrency from the thousands of other assets available.


That’s all about how to start a crypto startup. While the crypto world offers many novel possibilities and opportunities, it is also fraught with volatility. This translates into risk for cryptocurrency businesses.

There has been no shortage of cyberattacks on crypto businesses in the booming crypto space. Because cryptocurrencies are largely unregulated, they have become a popular target for cybercriminals.

Cryptojacking, account takeovers, mining fraud, and ICO scams have all become more common in recent years.

Creating a cryptocurrency is an investment in your company. And, as with any investment, you’ll want to protect it from potential risks. As a result, a custom-made crypto insurance policy should be included in any business plan for launching a cryptocurrency.

Because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, not all insurers are willing to cover crypto-based businesses. Fortunately, some insurers, including Embroker, recognize the importance of protecting this brisk market. After all, as a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate, and crypto insurance coverage will give you peace of mind that your company is protected from unexpected risks.

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