Blockchain startups are trendy right now. Why? Because blockchain has significant untapped potential.

While its primary application is for financial transactions, blockchain has numerous applications. It can certify stock exchanges, validate identities, secure title deeds, and ensure the security of online ballots. Blockchain startups are attracting a lot of attention because of their potential. According to Statista, the blockchain market will be worth $885 million by next year.

You’ll face stiff competition if you’re one of the many professionals putting together a blockchain-powered company. Here are how to market blockchain startups effectively. 

1. Define your content strategy upfront

How to market blockchain startup effectively

You’ll need more than just a solid business plan and a website to market your blockchain startup. You’ll need content that explains what your company does, your value proposition, and how blockchain technology benefits customers.

Consider producing in-depth whitepapers, a blog post inbound marketing funnel, and other content to provide this detailed information. Some of your content should be gated so interested consumers can provide their contact information in exchange for it. Utilize the data gathered in your lead nurturing strategy. Keep a significant amount of content unlocked so prospects can find you and move through the funnel quickly.

2. Use influencer marketing

One of the most successful natural ways to market your blockchain is through influencer marketing. Consider collaborating with a social media influencer to promote your business.

This influencer does not need to be a well-known celebrity; rather, it should be someone influential in the blockchain or cryptocurrency space who can boost awareness of your business. Together, you can produce video content that you can ask the influencer to share on their social networks.

3. Offer thought leadership through guest posts

How to market blockchain startup effectively

Because blockchain technology is still developing, people are eager to learn more about it. Many people have not learned how it works or why they should care. The creators of blockchain startups can fill this gap with blog posts and how-to guides.

In addition to writing these pieces for your blog, offer to write original guest posts for industry sites such as The Next Web, TechCrunch, and The Verge. You will not only gain publicity, but you may also catch the attention of a media outlet looking for experts to discuss the topic right now.

4. Build a community of followers

Go beyond gathering Facebook followers and work to create a community of followers who are invested in your startup. Many blockchain enthusiasts use Telegram, a messaging app, to share news and stay current. While much of the discussion is about cryptocurrencies, any blockchain startup can discuss their venture there and start forming connections with others in the industry.

5. Leverage real-time analytics and user engagement platforms

You’ll need a variety of tactics and tools to successfully market your blockchain startup, one of which should be an analytics and engagement tool. This can help you understand the website traffic you’re driving to your site and provide you with a platform to communicate with the community of followers you’ve built.

How to market blockchain startup effectively

6. Keep people informed

Many startups are preoccupied with finding and securing funding. While this is important for blockchain startups as well, it is equally important to keep your audience up to date on your progress.

Blockchain technology is still relatively new and evolving, which can cause investors to be nervous and followers to have questions. Avoid this by writing a blog post about what’s new once a month or hosting a Facebook Live chat so people can engage with the company and understand its progress.

You’re on the cutting edge of technology if you work for a blockchain startup. It’s an exciting place to be, but strong marketing efforts will be required to promote your company and E Office.


Blockchain is the technology that powers the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and many companies are using it to launch their startups. Blockchain is a certified, secure transaction between two parties. Blockchain technology, in the case of Bitcoin, records and validates a financial transaction between two people. That’s all about how to market blockchain startups.

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