A blockchain is a digital chain of blocks that maintains a public transaction ledger. It is essentially a database stored in a specific manner. It is not owned or operated by a single person or entity. Blockchain consulting firms advise developing and implementing key blockchain strategies to improve business efficiency. Furthermore, blockchain consultants typically provide legal advice on how organizations can use blockchain technology to manage their identity and finances. Below are the top 4 blockchain consulting services for practical solutions.

1. SmartOSC

SmartOSC is one of the leading blockchain consulting services in Vietnam, specializing in assisting businesses in developing, launching, and growing their blockchain projects. SmartOSC provides custom development, blockchain testing, marketing, and security services.

How to find the best blockchain development service provider

SmartOSC employs a team of experienced blockchain experts who are dedicated to assisting businesses in realizing the full potential of blockchain technology. SmartOSC is committed to providing its clients with world-class service and support. Contact SmartOSC today to learn more about how we can help you advance your blockchain project.

2. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz, based in San Francisco, creates futuristic digital solutions for tech-savvy enterprises and startups. They are a Web3 and blockchain development firm focused on creating world-class enterprise solutions and applications. Their tagline is “You Dream It, We Build It.”

LeewayHertz provides blockchain consulting services to help you realize the full potential of blockchain technology and gain valuable insights into your projects in DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse. Their blockchain consultants understand your project-specific requirements and can assist you in identifying the best blockchain protocol for your business case. Their training workshops, prototype design, and blockchain proof of concepts have helped over 125 startups, and enterprises succeed.

3. PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a reputable outsourced technology provider that operates on a global scale. They develop blockchains, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, mobile applications, and websites.

How to find the best blockchain development service provider

They create smart contracts, NFTs, marketplaces, DeFi crypto tools, Metaverse, and dApps on the Ethereum, Hyperledger, Flow, Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot blockchains.

They provide blockchain consulting in addition to blockchain development. They identify inefficiencies and if any, growth triggers as soon as they analyze your case. They provide strategic and financially viable solutions while recognizing your company’s differentiators. Furthermore, they provide blockchain training sessions that give business owners, tech industry insiders, and investors first-hand knowledge.

4. Accenture

Accenture’s mission is to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. They assist their clients in becoming the best versions of themselves. Indeed, they are proud to work with 89 Fortune Global 100 companies.

They provide their clients with a wide range of technology and consulting services, from artificial intelligence and automation to sustainability and zero-based transformation.

Blockchain solutions for businesses are one of their specialties. They begin by understanding your specific goals, followed by a practical application of blockchain innovation. The discussion expands as new opportunities emerge along the way. Finally, they bring together alliances, partnerships, and leaders across the blockchain ecosystem.

Accenture can help you with the Metaverse, blockchain for social impact, financial services infrastructure (and how blockchain can help businesses with this), decentralized digital identity, and blockchain for the supply chain.

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