If you’re reading this, you’re probably a “builder,” a crypto term for people who test new ideas, launch products and pave the way for technological adoption. That is why we have put together this guide to assist you in finding the best blockchain advisors for your project.

How to find the best blockchain advisors near you?

How to find the best blockchain advisors for your project

When asked how to find advisors for a cryptocurrency business, we frequently believe that going with the choices that have benefited others in the past is the best way to go. As previously stated, with reputations on the line in make-or-break fundraising situations, you want to make the most of the quality advice you receive while minimizing the possibility of adverse outcomes.

You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, including:

Checking out similar, successful projects

This is possibly the most straightforward method for locating high-quality advisors. You’re probably aware of other projects in your field or admire, which means they have websites and whitepapers with a wealth of information. You can get closer to finding your dream advisor by reading about their advisors and roles. This has the added benefit of increasing your perceived chances of success if you collaborate with one of them.

LinkedIn outreach

Another significant win for transparency is that at least advisors (the good ones) frequently advertise their roles on their LinkedIn profiles. This is also a great way to determine who will publicly talk about and promote your project on social media and their network. You can also use filters when searching on LinkedIn, making the process much easier.

How to find the best blockchain advisors for your project

Blockchain advisor services

You can benefit from businesses that provide services to perform a function akin to an advisor’s. You can decide whether you want them to offer a general-scope service (improving your entire project) or to focus on a specific area in this situation. Suppose you’re looking to conduct a successful ICO, IDO, IEO, etc.. In that case, you may find that other agencies or providers also concentrate on fundraising and crowdsourcing, which can be an exciting direction for you. This manual should be equally helpful when researching such a company because the fundamental ideas remain the same.

The qualities you should look for in blockchain advisors

Blockchain consulting is a lucrative business, and numerous crypto consulting services are available. Here are some characteristics to look for to tell the difference between the good and the bad:


Before doing business with a company, always check its reputation. Read past client reviews from the firm’s website and independent sources. Examine their online presence. Positive feedback reflects a company’s competence, while negative feedback reflects a lack of expertise.

How to find the best blockchain advisors for your project


How many and who has been the firm’s previous clients? Experienced crypto consulting firms will have a list of previous projects you can verify independently. Examine what crypto advisory services they have successfully delivered in the past to determine if they are a good fit.


The content that crypto consultants publish demonstrates their knowledge. Is their website filled with well-researched articles and whitepapers that educate the public about cryptocurrencies and blockchain? Providing helpful content is an excellent way to demonstrate thought leadership.


Timely services should be available from crypto consultants. Verify that they are available when you are and that you can quickly contact them through their official channels.


Despite the advancement of blockchain technology and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, crypto consulting services may be prohibitively expensive. Look for one that is within your budget and can meet your requirements. As blockchain technology matures, the cost of consulting services becomes more affordable.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are virtual agreements that execute themselves. Making NFTs is one of their many applications. They contain each party’s rights and obligations and allow for the simultaneous execution of each party’s responsibilities. Every cryptocurrency consultant should be able to create and execute smart contracts.

How to find the best blockchain advisors for your project

Blockchain Interoperability

Blockchain technology has its own set of challenges and risks. A good crypto consulting firm will be aware of these and propose solutions to overcome them. They must also demonstrate knowledge of virtual crypto platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and R3Corda. This would enable them to advise you on the best solutions for your company.

Blockchain Safety

Blockchain technology remains vulnerable to hacking and other security flaws. A good crypto consultant will be familiar with various security requirements and blockchain’s legal framework. At the very least, they must demonstrate how to generate public and private cryptography keys.

Decentralized Networks

Smart contracts and blockchains are built on decentralized networks, also known as distributed technology. To understand how to implement and maintain this concept, a crypto consultant must have extensive knowledge.


If your company has ever wondered if blockchain is the solution it has been looking for, then learn how to find the best blockchain advisors for your project. Look for the one that best meets your current needs. Investing time and money in blockchain now will help propel your company forward and keep it ahead of the competition. If you need blockchain advisors, contact SmartOSC‘s team includes experts and advisors with 10+ years of industry experience.

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