The ecosystem of the NEAR blockchain is renowned for offering the best setting for creating decentralized applications. Developers can host serverless applications and smart contracts for connecting to open-finance networks using this protocol, and they can gain access to an ecosystem of reusable smart contracts. Because of the NEAR Protocol’s user-friendly interface, security, and scalability, developers and users favor it. This article will help you unfold the step-by-step smart contract creation process on the NEAR blockchain.

Brief about NEAR blockchain

NEAR blockchain is an excellent example of a third-generation blockchain. It focuses on scalability issues and incentivizes the network to develop and launch decentralized finance applications (dApps). Staking and sharding on the NEAR blockchain platform generate revenue. It overcomes limitations such as slow speed, low throughput, and negligible cross-chain compatibility.

Sharding is at the heart of the NEAR blockchain’s design. Sharding reduces computational load by dividing the network’s infrastructure into distinct nodes that manage a subset of the platform’s transactions. The division of network nodes rather than each node running the network’s code facilitates data retrieval and scaling on the decentralized network.

How to build a smart contract on NEAR blockchain?

Near provides a robust and advanced user experience for dApp users in the best digital market ecosystems. It is eco-friendly and quickly becomes one of the best digital marketplace ecosystems. The NEAR ecosystem’s sharding mechanism ensures smooth data ingestion and simplifies scaling dApps on Defi platforms. As a result, writing smart contracts on this platform has numerous advantages, but how do you do it?

#1 Setting Up Testnet

The simplest way to create a Near account is to use its wallet. NEAR has multiple development networks that work independently of one another. Creating a mainnet account is similar to creating a testnet account but requires initial account name funding.

It makes no difference whether the developing dApps are written in Rust or AssemblyScript when calling smart contracts. Instead, the contract code’s core concepts are compiled into WebAssembly and deployed to the web to run on a virtual machine.

You will use the yarn dev command for most programs, but for TestNet, you can use the Near CLI and Near dev-deploy.

  • Explore all transactions and blocks created on Near using Near Explorer. Try to locate the newly created account and view the generated transactions.
  • Install Near-CLI is a command line interface allowing you to interact efficiently with Near. Its documentation includes samples for all Near-CLI commands.
  • Try using the Near login command. It will take you to your Near wallet and save the account key.

Once the testnet has been verified, dApp users can run the local node as they wish.

#2 Creating a Smart Contract Code

The code is divided into two sides:

  • The backend code can be found in the assembly folder. When you run yarn deploy: contract, you can open it at Near blockchain.
  • The frontend code can be found in the /src folder. It is an excellent location for exploration. You can discover how the front end communicates with the blockchain network, particularly the Near blockchain.

When you connect to the network’s platform, you can configure the contract interface by specifying a wallet linkage and clicking all required contract methods.

#3 Deploy a Smart Contract on Near Platform

Each Near smart contract has a corresponding account. When you run yarn dev, a temporary account is used to deploy the smart contract to the NEAR live testnet. Follow these steps to make it permanent:

  • Create a new account in the NEAR wallet. Then, in that, deploy these smart contracts. Finally, authorize Near CLI and proceed as follows:
  • Change the line in src/config.js that specifies the contract account.
  • Change the remote URL of the repository to which you have “existed” access if you are forking it. It will launch GitHub Pages from the command line. Please create a new warehouse and dedicate it.
  • Type yarn deploys into the command line.


That’s all about how to create smart contracts on the NEAR blockchain. The NEAR platform is one of the blockchain network’s most advanced protocols, technologically progressive, and inventive in many ways. It focuses on the creation of decentralized applications through the use of sharding technologies for scalability. If you require assistance with blockchain development services, please get in touch with SmartOSC.

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