Discord is a platform for building communities. It provides many features that make hosting and managing a community enjoyable and straightforward. It allows for text, voice, and video chats. It would help if you read this guide to start a Discord community for crypto and NFT projects.

Discord is one of the best platforms for establishing and expanding your crypto and NFT community. Because it gives you complete control and epic features that other platforms do not provide. Discord allows you to create bots that essentially automate your server. Bots can do a variety of tasks entirely autonomously. This level of automation is not available on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Discord is a must-have for building, maintaining, and growing your crypto community, with over 4 billion server conversation minutes per day and 19 million active servers. How to build a crypto community discord?

Step 1. Create Your Server

The Discord app runs on servers that serve as the community’s technical host. Every Discord blockchain community is expected to host its server. It is also advised to set up channels for specific discussions such as roadmaps, tokenomics, technical discussions, airdrops, bounty programs, announcements, etc. This way, community members will be directed to the appropriate category for their questions or suggestions.

How to build a crypto community discord

It is also critical to provide individuals with a reason to join your community and demonstrate why it will benefit them. Determine your community’s purpose: what you want to use it for, who you want to see in it, and its role in your project.

Step 2. Gather Loyal Supporters

Once you’ve determined the purpose of your community and it’s up and running, you’ll want to make other people aware that it exists and that it’s a community they want to be a part of. You will benefit from promoting your Discord server on further communication and social media platforms. Cross-channel tactics are unquestionably important on Discord.

Step 3. Keep Your Server Organized

Subchannels help to keep a Discord server organized. Subchannels are server subgroups created for specific topic discussions. You can assign permissions to specific channels to ensure that only those allowed to be in that channel can participate in its conversations. It is a method of keeping conversations organized and the platform tidy.

How to build a crypto community discord

Step 4. Drag Your Channels In

Discord is not recommended as the primary host for your cryptocurrency or blockchain project’s community, but it has the potential to be an excellent add-on. Users from other communities, such as Telegram, can be dragged in to test features and engagement techniques. Polls, AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews, media resource creation contests, meme competitions, and other techniques can be used to determine where your community feels most at ease.

Step 5. Be Available Every Minute

Because cryptocurrency/blockchain communities are global, having a team moderating your server on Discord is highly recommended. It would help if you let your community know you are always available to help them.


Discord is an excellent platform for establishing and growing a community for crypto and NFT projects. The server provides numerous features for connecting and engaging your community. Discord bots take automation to new heights.

Creating a server and channels, as well as adding bots, will not help your community grow. To grow your server, you must actively promote it. Please share the link with your audience so they can participate. Consider rewarding members who join your Discord server with a prize.

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