Developing a blockchain network does not have to be hard. In this guide, we will help you discover how to build a blockchain network without a strong tech team. 

How to build a blockchain network

1. Download the blockchain framework source

Where can you obtain the blockchain source code? We recommend that you find the cryptocurrency framework on a trusted open-source collaboration software site. It should allow you to seek out the source code of Ripple, Bitcoin, and whatnot in a breeze. 

2. Make changes to it

This step is important in the guide on how to build a blockchain network. You can alter the framework source code either by leveraging special applications or manually. Because the first option is simpler and quicker, using it is a good idea. In the Windows OS, you can do this via the Search and Replace tool. When it comes to the Linux family, you have the choice to use Regexxer.

2. Make changes to it

For example, when changing the cryptocurrency icon, you should make it simple, quality, and match your blockchain network’s whole concept.

3. Test it

After making changes to the framework source code, you need to have it tested. In other words, test it in all sorts of usage contexts. Remember to do so lots of times and if possible, on various devices. That is because any network error can become easy access for intruders. 

4. Launch your blockchain network on a 3rd-party platform

As you are learning how to build a blockchain network, it is important to know how to run it at special sites counted on by developers for launching crypto startups. Ethereum is one of the best-known choices. 

4. Launch your blockchain network on a 3rd-party platform

To begin with, download and set up Ethereum Wallet or other cryptocurrency wallets. You can download it from sources such as the Ethereum website. Following the wallet installation, create an Ethereum network account. Also, please note that when you build a personal blockchain network on this platform, a smart contract is necessary for launching new tokens. While you can write it from the start, there are other simpler approaches, for example, copying the smart contract code from the official website.

5. Outsource development

How to build a blockchain network quickly and with a quality guarantee? What if you have no intention of grasping all this stuff and doing all the things on your own? Then, outsourcing development should be your best bet. This way allows you to save effort and time as you will have the blockchain network development taken care of by experts who know the ins and outs of this. For helpful support, a roadmap, and solutions to that creation, please contact SmartOSC.

In conclusion

We hope you can draw a better picture of how to build a blockchain network without a strong tech team. As you can see, developing this network does not have to be so hard. For the best support, feel free to hesitate to contact SmartOCS today. We are always glad to do our utmost to help you.

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