With the potential of blockchain technology, it’s no surprise that NFT technology can help address the inefficiencies facing the old ticketing industry. From addressing the shortcomings of paper tickets, rewarding fans with exclusive perks, and even serving as an extra layer of security for events – NFT tickets have the potential to change the ticketing landscape for all parties involved. Let’s talk about how NFT is the next big thing for the ticketing industry.

1. Definition of an NFT Ticketing

Short for the non-fungible tokens, NFT is a cryptographic token that represents unique digital assets. They allow us to tokenize real-world or digital assets, such as art, collectibles, or real estate. Since they are stored on the blockchain network, they act as proof of authenticity and ownership. Furthermore, an NFT can only have one official owner at a time and cannot be altered or tampered with.

How NFT is the next big thing for ticketing industry

NFT tickets are digital assets that hold your access credentials for an event. They can also offer ticket holders additional perks like meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, and more. to create an even richer fan experience. In addition to helping to establish a closer relationship with fans, NFT tickets can provide ongoing royalties to artists, event organizers, and stakeholders.

2. NFT Ticketing mechanism

NFT goes hand in hand with tickets to the event. The physical ticket is usually a one-time piece of paper and is only valid for one entry or seat of the event. In that sense, tickets are irreplaceable. Similar to the NFT, tickets are sold in limited numbers as in-person venues have limited capacity.

However, the flip side of traditional ticketing is that tickets go through a number of distribution channels with limited regulation or control.

How NFT is the next big thing for ticketing industry

The NFT ticketing system can also help limit resale value and fees with the help of smart contracts, a program that runs on the blockchain. A smart contract is a deterministic program that performs specific tasks on its own when and if certain conditions are satisfied.

Alternatively, event organizers can forgo third-party distribution by minting the number of NFT tickets they need on their preferred blockchain network as part of the ticketing system. Artists can also use NFT tickets to reward longtime fans with exclusive airdrops or other perks to enhance their experience. A real-life example of an NFT ticket in action is Binance’s partnership with Southern Europe’s largest music festival: Primavera Sound.

3. NFT Ticketing opportunities and challenges

Let’s talk about NFT Ticketing opportunities and challenges.

3.1. Advantages of NFT Ticketing

The blockchain technology behind NFTs opens up the potential opportunity to create tangible value for all participants. NFT tickets can provide ongoing royalties to artists and event organizers through smart contract technology. If ticket holders sell their tickets on the secondary market, a percentage of the resale revenue can also be redirected to the artist. Ticket holders can also resell NFT broadcasts they were given as part of the ticket’s built-in rewards.

How NFT is the next big thing for ticketing industry

3.2. Disadvantages of NFT Ticketing

Together with many advantages of NFT ticketing, providers, as well as users, faces many of its Disadvantage such as: 

  • Prevent forgery: One of the major downsides of paper tickets and QR codes is that they can be easily counterfeited, creating security holes for event venues and disappointing fans who accidentally purchase tickets
  • Reduce costs and produce faster: The costs associated with selling and minting NFT tickets can be less than the costs required to produce and distribute traditional tickets. NFT tickets can often require much less production time than physical tickets, allowing organizers to mint and distribute tickets within hours.
  • Reduce the risk of loss or damage: Traditional paper tickets can be easily lost or damaged. Since the NFT ticket is stored in a digital wallet that can be accessed via a mobile phone, the risk of losing or damaging your ticket is exponentially lower.

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