Should you be finding a way of taking your business to the next level, you will need somebody with working knowledge of blockchains. This article is going to guide you on how to find the best freelance blockchain developer.

2 types of freelance blockchain developer

Based on your demands, there are 2 developer types for consideration:

  • Core blockchain developers: They are responsible for blockchain protocol programming along with its architecture development. That means they develop the blockchain and let it work as requested. 
  • Blockchain software developers: These developers are responsible for developing apps which function on the blockchain. While they do not have to be a pro at designing the core blockchain, it is important that they excel at implementing it in a way that leads to your ultimate gain. For instance, if creating an NFT game online is what you plan to do, then you will not need this type of developer.
How can you find the best freelance blockchain developer?

What skills should you look for in a freelance blockchain developer

A rundown of some of the technical competencies needed for a qualified freelance blockchain developer includes:

  • Having a history of programming in C++, C, Java, JavaScript, and so on
  • Being familiar with the object-oriented programming structure
  • Working with acrylic graphs and other data structures 
  • Firm grasp of SHA and other cybersecurity concepts
  • Solid grasp of public & private keys and other relevant concepts

Steps to find the right freelance blockchain developer

How can you find the best freelance blockchain developer?

1. Identify your company’s blockchain needs

As you know, blockchain provides a great amount of value for a lot of companies, yet it depends on you to decide how impactful it is to your business. Do some digging and find case studies or innovative approaches others leverage blockchain in your field.

2. Decide the type of developer for your needs

As you have a better idea of your company’s needs, determining whether you should hire a core developer or somebody able to develop an app or something to run on a current blockchain becomes less hard.

3. Find freelance blockchain developers on freelance sites

You can recruit for this role on SmartOSC Blockchain, Toptal, Upwork, and other comparable freelance platforms. They are the trusted domains with a sizable talent pool, allowing you to find the right person.

4. Minimize time to hire by using developers provided by SmartOSC

SmartOSC confidently aids in your blockchain developer recruitment efforts. Everyone we provide has good behavioral competencies as well as technical competencies that you can trust. One of the biggest perks of using developers provided by us is the considerable decrease in time invested in finding qualified people. With us, you can get the right one and get work done.

In conclusion, as you are searching for a good freelance blockchain developer, the above guide on how to find the best one should be helpful to you. By following this guide, you will be on the way to offering a competitive edge for your company. For demands on using developers provided by SmartOSC, call us right now. We are glad to support you the best we can. 

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