By now, most businesses should be aware of the possibilities and benefits of blockchain – decentralization, security, immutability, smart contracts, and more. So how can you find the best blockchain consulting service out there becomes a big question for almost all hi-tech companies? This topic is about 3 steps to find the best blockchain consulting service

Long term service

When it comes to choosing a technology partner, cheap and fast often turns out to be slow and expensive. The last thing you want is the original contractor doing a mediocre job that then needs a complete refurbishment, or even worse – disappearing mid-project.

Having a long-term mindset when choosing the right blockchain development or consulting firm is fundamental. Ideally, a business should be looking for a team that can complete a project from start to finish (including non-blockchain technical assignments), as well as provide future support.

Potential source 

How does one source and screen potential Blockchain development partners? Especially in an emerging space relatively unknown to her or him. A very technologically complex space. The best-case scenario would of course be to have a referral connection to a trusted consulting firm they have successfully worked with. But it’s a luxury that not many people can access. Let’s say we start from scratch. 

How can you find the best blockchain consulting service out there?

A good starting point would be platforms like Clutch. co, which provides detailed profiles of tech services companies, including and perhaps most importantly, customer feedback!

Another place one can look is the various rankings published online, showcasing “Top Blockchain Developers”. 


Have we identified some potential development partners? What should the screening process be like to make sure we made the best decision possible? You should set up a two-step validation process: 1. DYOR (self-study) and 2. External validation.

How can you find the best blockchain consulting service out there?
  • Do your research. This includes everything from company websites through client portfolios to founders and even employee platforms on LinkedIn. A shiny website without any real customer categories (including active products) doesn’t make much sense, does it? Likewise, if there’s a Blockchain consulting firm that people have little or no knowledge of online, that’s usually a big red flag. If a tech company advertises itself as capable of doing everything from website development to mobile app development to smart contracts, that’s a big red flag! Usually, there is very little blockchain expertise out there.
  • Actively seek external validation. The easiest way to do so is to contact two or three customers of the development company and ask for their feedback. Usually, not, they will be happy to do so.
  • Following these three steps will lead to at least one strong blockchain development and consulting firm. From that point on, it’s mostly a matter of communication, budget, and approach

Choosing a Blockchain consulting service – approach, communication, and budget 

Some companies will be a better fit than others based on the development approach and/or technology used. We believe this allows us and our customers more flexibility in the future as the scope of the project, specific features, and functionality may change in the process.

We also believe that communication is key and strive to be in constant contact with our customers. This is usually ensured through private messaging groups and weekly meetings.

If and when a business chooses the right development partner, the added value of the business should always outweigh its costs. Therefore, while we understand the budget constraints, we do not recommend that you consider costing the biggest factor when deciding on blockchain development and consulting partner.

How can you find the best blockchain consulting service out there?

How can you find the best blockchain consulting service out there is a big problem and working with a consulting or development company should be considered a long-term partnership? It depends on your own choice. 

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