Are you looking for ways to build and grow your project in the blockchain space? With the BNB Chain ecosystem (Binance), you can have access to a range of tools that will help enhance your scope of possibilities. 

From its fast-acting transaction capabilities and low costs to safe custody solutions, learning more about this ecosystem provides a wealth of information on how it could benefit your project. This blog post will cover all these aspects in detail so that you have one comprehensive source that takes into account all factors needed to make an informed decision.

What is BNB Chain?

BNB Chain is a community-driven, open-source, and decentralized ecosystem. The BNB Chain now goes by the names BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain. Formerly known as BNB Beacon Chain, Binance Chain serves as a mechanism for governance (i.e., staking and voting). The BNB Smart Chain is still compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine while implementing consensus protocols and serving as a multi-chain hub.

How can the BNB chain ecosystem benefit your project

How can the BNB chain ecosystem benefit your project

Infrastructure + Tooling

Among DeFi ecosystems, BSC offers one of the most reliable infrastructure landscapes, which securely establishes the framework for the development of dApps. Infrastructure goods available on BSC include:

  • Oracle: Band Protocol, ChainLink,…
  • Audit: Peckshield, Bison Trails, Quanstamp, CertiK,…
  • Graph/Query: Bitquery, The Graph,
  • Bridge: Anyswap, Celer, My Wish, BCS Bridge,…
  • DeFi Tools: DeFi Station, BSCProject, DeBank, DappRadar,, etc.
  • Blockchain Monitoring: BSC Scan, PARSIQ, Tenderly,…
  • Creators of smart contracts and APIs include MyWish, ChainIDE, NowNodes,…


One of the most crucial DeFi building blocks for any ecosystem that helps regulate financial flow is stablecoin. A BNB chain ecosystem has done a good job of developing its stablecoin environment in light of this.

  • BUSD: Binance’s fiat-backed stablecoin. BUSD’s market cap of about $18 billion (#13) after three years of operation demonstrates how successfully Binance has integrated its stablecoin into its ecosystem.
  • VAI: A stablecoin backed by cryptocurrency developed by Venus, a lending platform using the same technology as MakerDAO (MKR & DAI).
  • Other Algorithmic Stablecoins do exist, but they are less common and have less of an impact on the DeFi space on BSC.
How can the BNB chain ecosystem benefit your project


Decentralized exchanges that use the Automated Market Maker (AMM) method are known as AMM DEXs. AMM essentially means that smart contracts will operate as the intermediaries between trades rather than a middleman. Liquidity is derived from “Liquidity Pools,” which are created by people.

Lending & Borrowing

The lending industry, which ranks second in importance to AMM DEX in DeFi, complements and supports the ecosystem’s use of its available liquidity. Aave and MakerDAO in the Ethereum ecosystem have demonstrated its importance.

Several noteworthy projects:

  • The most impressive project in the BSC is Venus (XVS & VAI), which has the second-highest TVL total only behind PancakeSwap. Like MakerDAO, the protocol functions similarly.
  • Within the ecosystem, there are further outstanding initiatives like Alpha Finance, Cream Finance, EasyFi, ForTube,…
How can the BNB chain ecosystem benefit your project


Launchpad gives birth to a huge number of fresh and prospective enterprises, which helps the ecosystem draw in additional investors. Launchpad is often the preferred location for retail investors since they may achieve the maximum returns, especially during bull markets (Return on Investment).

Compared to other DeFi systems, BSC has the most active Launchpad ecosystem.

In Conclusion

The BNB chain ecosystem can benefit your project in many ways. And our team of experts can help you get the most out of this powerful technology. Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage the benefits of the BNB chain ecosystem for your project.

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