Adopting blockchain into business process management is no longer a strange concept in today’s business world. Different businesses may have several approaches to utilizing blockchain to attain expected achievements. Our article today is going to draw a picture of your business process management after experiencing blockchain transformation in different departments.

Leverage Your Business Process Management With Blockchain

Human Resources Management

How blockchain can reshape your business process management

With the support of blockchain technology, the human resources departments do not need to conduct traditional recruiting processes as the recruiters can obtain selected and necessary information to shortlist potential candidates. The department will go paperless as blockchain provide a decentralized network for all people in charge to get access with simple authentication. The network contains and stores a large amount of data on candidate profiles, and employee performance to support the recruitment, employee training and internal engagement thereafter. With blockchain, the HR staff may find it easier to collect, filter and do the data mining, saving a lot of time in dealing with employee information.


How blockchain can reshape your business process management

Like human resources, the procurement department also needs to cope with a huge number of data from partners, suppliers and distributors. Blockchain technology allows procurement staff to manage the relationship with stakeholders and keep track of the stock flow through each organization.


How blockchain can reshape your business process management

Your business’s finance also benefits from blockchain technology. The business runners usually rely on financial data to evaluate a business’s health and blockchain allows you to access appropriate information to rate your selling activities as well as address the existing business issues. You may not encounter outdated or misguided data as this technology provides another way to find suitable data, which is called a sequence. People in charge can reach the newest status at the first access, and thus reduce time on generating expected results. 


How blockchain can reshape your business process management

The accounting department can take advantage of blockchain to record all the transactions, verify customer accounts, and classify customer segments based on their spending. Also, the stores can create a dashboard to visualize company expenses, sales revenues, taxes and others for each period, to have a better understanding of company assets and cash flow.

Marketing & Sales

How blockchain can reshape your business process management

Blockchain can help a lot with data, and for the sales and marketing department, the business may find it feasible to obtain and store customer data for analysis purposes. The customers can manage their information via virtual boxes so they can prevent other parties from exploiting their personal data. Blockchain technology also offers businesses chances to interact with their beloved customers directly. 

Moreover, companies can take advantage of customer data to generate valuable insights for target audience-focused strategies and thus optimize conversion rates. Data-driven approaches, however, have better results on target segments by tightly sticking to customer needs, attractive content and impressive formats.


We have mentioned what blockchain can do for your business process management. We hope you can have a clear overview of your business transformation in different departments and become confidently adopt blockchain to your companies without hesitation. However, if you are still having concerns, try to contact SmartOSC Blockchain to get the best advice and strategies to reshape your business process management with blockchain. 

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