There are several things you need to consider before getting started with NFT development, including the knowledge of NFT, roadmap, and costs. The expenses for NFT development cover various parts, from preparation to maintenance processes. Therefore, to help businesses plan for a realistic budget, our article today will list all necessary NFT development costs.

Do You Know These NFT Development Costs?

Marketplace Development

Get familar with NFT development cost before starting a project

First, we need to take the pre-NFT marketing costs into consideration. This cost will incur when a business from a tactic in the documentation following the marketplace’s features. 

Next, you need to pay some fees for the blockchain platforms or marketplace as the two most notable parts of NFT development cost at the beginning. Therefore, your decisions on the blockchain platform will make an impact on this expense. You may hesitate among various options of blockchain platforms on the market because each of them has both pros and cons. Fortunately, there is an optimal idea that we can choose a cross-chain NFT marketplace to utilize the strengths of selected blockchain platforms, which can cost around $100,000.


Get familar with NFT development cost before starting a project

NFT development costs also include the cost of designing. The appearance and architecture of your NFT marketing are tightly connected with target users, liquidity, tradability and so on. You may need to hire professionals to conduct this step, to ensure your NFT development has an appropriate design, avoiding further bugs and inconsistency. Normally, businesses spend roughly $5,000 for this stage.

Trial Run

Get familar with NFT development cost before starting a project

To ensure a smooth operation, a trial run is necessary for all NFT development. Therefore, you nay to spend a certain budget testing and identifying the bugs, which may be around $10000. However, depending on the app complexity and other factors, this cost may vary from business to business.

App features & Tech Stack

Get familar with NFT development cost before starting a project

The NFT development cost for app complexity and tech stack is the most variable one in this list. You can decide which features need to be in your projects, how many apps should be installed, and who are your partners to provide solutions and support. Therefore, different selections may result in various levels of costs. Some popular features that your NFT projects may need: are optional search functionality, storefront, wallet, real-time notifications, etc.

Hire Developers

Get familar with NFT development cost before starting a project

For beginners, it’s really hard to get started with NFT development without hiring developers. It is an essential kind of cost and also a variable one. Costs of hiring developers depend on the locations where you hire developers, years of experience, and hiring approaches (such as in-house employees, freelance, etc.)


When you finish building your NFT projects, you will still pay for something called maintenance costs. While this cost doesn’t contribute directly to the development, it is vital for smooth operation and stable growth. Normally, businesses spend the largest amount of maintenance budget on server and security patches, and each costs around $10000. Also, expenses for third-party integration, application updates and bug fixes are in the middle between 2000 and 5000, depending on each business’s status and demand.


We hope our cost listing can help you have a detailed picture of NFT development costs before getting started. Therefore, you can carefully prepare for your projects and go smoothly on the next steps. Also, if you want to minimize blockchain development costs and still employ the best NFT dev in the industry, contact SmartOSC to get started on your NFT development journey. 

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