Blockchain technology provides an enormous opportunity for astute entrepreneurs; however, partnering with the best blockchain app development companies is a must due to the complexities involved in developing the industry.

Throughout this guide, we’ll look at four of the best blockchain app development companies, reviewing each and sharing our favorites. Below, we’ve summarized our top picks for the best custom blockchain app development companies, each battling a key feature.

Because everyone’s needs differ, we’ve chosen to include a mix of firms that specialize in blockchain and provide broader development services with a blockchain team.

SmartOSC – Blockchain App Development Company in Vietnam

SmartOSC, founded in 2006, is a full-service eCommerce agency that values collaboration and innovation. The company provides:

  • Simple yet effective solutions from consulting.
  • Development.
  • UX/UI design for managed services.

With a diverse set of large customers in North America, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Japan, SmartOSC has demonstrated its expertise in guiding businesses to leverage the online marketplace to drive revenue opportunities.

SmartOSC’s reputation has been built over the last 15 years by focusing on innovative solutions and cost-effectiveness, as well as a faster go-to-market service due to its scalable resource offering and track record of successfully delivering enterprise-level projects.

AppInventiv – Broad App Developer with Dedicated Blockchain Team

Custom blockchain app development top 4: best options for 2023

AppInventiv is a well-known development firm that works in a variety of industries. AppInventiv has been in business since 2014 and has offices in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and India, making it a true global powerhouse and one of the best blockchain app development companies for internal entrepreneurs.

The blockchain app development company has been featured in publications such as The Entrepreneur and CIOReview, demonstrating its industry dominance. While AppInventiv provides development services in most industries, it has a dedicated blockchain team of more than 30 experts.

With AppInventiv providing mobile app development services and a dedicated blockchain team, the company is likely able to handle most blockchain app development projects. AppInventiv provides wallet app development, decentralized app development, and full token development.

With a long list of industry awards and a wealth of experience, it’s easy to see why many entrepreneurs regard AppInventiv as providing some of the industry’s best blockchain app development services.

CoinFabrik – Create Blockchain-Based End-User Apps

CoinFabrik, founded in 2014, specializes in delivering blockchain-based applications on mobile and desktop platforms. CoinFabrik is dedicated to blockchain-based development and has previously worked with some of the most popular cryptocurrency projects, including Render Token, Telegram, Chiliz, and Algorand.

Custom blockchain app development top 4: best options for 2023

CoinFabrik provides custom development solutions to its clients, meaning that most of the software produced by the company will be completely unique, increasing security and making maintenance easier.

With over 90 satisfied clients and 250 projects completed in the blockchain space, CoinFabrik’s position as one of the best blockchain app development agencies is clear. CoinFabrik provides broader blockchain development services, such as building private blockchains and developing end-user apps that work with various networks.

Given the firm’s impressive client list, CoinFabrik is most likely one of the best blockchain app development agencies to work with. However, because the company specializes in blockchain and Web3 development, entrepreneurs seeking to build more generalized apps may be better served by companies such as Tech Alchemy.

Innovecs – Developer of Blockchain Apps on Multiple Networks

Innovecs is a digital tech specialist and one of the best blockchain development companies in the industry, offering services such as AI development, big data management, machine learning, and, of course, mobile app development, in addition to its dedicated blockchain development services.

Custom blockchain app development top 4: best options for 2023

Innovecs works with industry-standard technologies such as Solidity, Ethereum, and XRP to ensure that its clients always receive efficient solutions. Furthermore, because of the company’s broad range of expertise, clients can work with Innovecs to develop projects inside and outside of the blockchain space, as well as those that combine the two.

Innovecs’ blockchain-centric services include the creation of bespoke solutions, smart contracts, the facilitation of crypto payments, and the design of entire distributed ledgers. Furthermore, because the firm has skilled teams of both mobile and blockchain developers, it could be an excellent partner for blockchain app game development.

While the company is more of a general developer, Innovecs may be worth investigating due to its dedicated blockchain team. The company provides a free quote for any project, so looking at what they offer is acceptable.


We’ve closely examined four of the best custom blockchain app development companies on the planet and discussed how each could help a project. Contact SmartOSC if you need help with blockchain development services.

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