Blockchain technology has reached the point where its application goes far beyond the financial and cryptocurrency sectors, so it can be applied to solve business problems in different industries. Below is our summary of the core business areas where companies can benefit from this powerful technology and deliver additional value to their customers and partners. So this topic is about Brainstorming blockchain project ideas? Take a look at these suggestions. 

Blockchain project ideas in financial services

Blockchain is a decentralized platform originally developed to support and secure the development of digital currency. Unsurprisingly, the most promising use cases of blockchain are in the financial sector, even as applications of such a platform have spread across various industries. That benefits must be mentions such as:

  • Simplify international payments
  • Credits and loans arrangement
  • Trading system update
Blockchain project ideas in financial services

Blockchain project ideas in the retail sector

Since the process involves many stakeholders, locations, and invoices, it is difficult to develop trust and maintain high quality with minimal error.

In the logistics ecosystem Blockchain has emerged as a solution to the complex tracking and unsecured payments.

Blockchain technology can transform supply networks and the transportation sector in general allowing organizations to:

  • Transparent and automated settlements supplication
  • The supply chain securities
  • Improve traceability of products
Brainstorming blockchain project ideas? Take a look at these

Blockchain project ideas in the healthcare sector

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred a global shift to online shopping. In June 2020, retail websites generated nearly 22 billion visits, outpacing even peak holiday season traffic. There are between 12 million and 24 million e-commerce websites globally and this number is constantly growing. So major retailers started to realize new blockchain business ideas to beat the competition and improve the customer experience:

  • Transactions Streamline 
  • Loyalty assistance and programmes rewards 
  • Fraud limitations.

Blockchain  project ideas in the education industry

Health Care becomes a serious problem in, during and after the pandemic. People are more concerned about data breaches and glitches in healthcare supply chains which drives the need for more innovation and efficiency in the field. With the advantages it brings, blockchain can improve the overall experience in the healthcare sector.

In this field, blockchain technology bring the benefits such as:

  • Medical record storing and protecting
  • Improve traceability of patient
  • Improved Processing speed in emergency. 
Brainstorming blockchain project ideas? Take a look at these

Blockchain  project ideas in the supply chain and transportation sector

By this time, pandemic COVID-19 has drastically changed the education industry. Institutions around the world have turned to online learning. Distance teaching on digital platforms was already evolving and being adopted even before the pandemic and is likely to persist after the pandemic. Innovative technologies help organizations adapt to new realities and thrive, driving interest in blockchain-based solutions.

In the field of education, blockchain technology brings benefits such as:

  • Digital record maintaining
  • Publishing process streamlining
  • Educational resources safeguard opening

Blockchain project ideas in other segments

There are many applications of decentralized infrastructure – data recordkeeping, agreement signing, digital asset management, activity verification, and many more – that have the potential to improve areas of innovation in other areas. Here is a brief overview of some other blockchain business ideas and use cases:

  • Agriculture industry
  • Automotive sector
  • Insurance segment
  • Media and entertainment
  • Real estate segment
  • Social networks
  • Hospital and travel industry
  • Processing of vote

 Wish you had your own choice after referring to these blockchain project ideas. Keep an open mind and be successful.

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