blockchain application development

Should you invest in internal blockchain application development or outsource the task?

Firms worldwide find more and more perks that blockchain application development can bring. Nevertheless, once you determine to rely on it, try to answer this critical question: Should I invest in internal blockchain development or outsource the task? Ahead, we are answering that question. Pros and cons of investing in internal blockchain application development There […]

Solana vs Ethereum development

Solana vs Ethereum development: which is right for your project

Ethereum is surely a familiar term in the crypto enthusiast community. Usually bragged about as the ‘crypto queen’, this open-source decentralized blockchain has undeniably reinforced its position in the blockchain world. Nevertheless, as promising blockchain platforms such as Solana have made their introductions, can Solana compare to Ethereum? Between Solana vs Ethereum development, which is […]

P2P crypto exchange development

The basis of P2P crypto exchange development

P2P crypto exchange development is powerful and intuitive. In this post, aside from providing you with essential definitions related, we try to assist you in better understanding P2P exchange software. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. Definition of cryptocurrency exchange The cryptocurrency exchange refers to a platform that allows you to purchase and sell […]

blockchain implementation

All entrepreneur need to know these about blockchain implementation

The introduction of the blockchain principle results from the efforts exerted to handle the “double spending” problem. Digital currency is likely duplicated, theoretically enabling more-than-once spending of the same coin. Blockchain works to decentralize the network and allow several nodes to control and maintain it, ultimately creating a feasible way of handling the mentioned problem. […]

building a blockchain wallet

Vital points to take into consideration when building a blockchain wallet for your company

Blockchain transformation has affected business operations from various aspects. As it is a new and innovative technology, there are various concerns surrounding blockchain solutions when businesses want to get started with blockchain development. Today, we will go through some vital points in the process of building a blockchain wallet, which can contribute to your success […]

blockchain supply chain solutions

Which are the top blockchain supply chain solutions for organizations?

Blockchain can help users and companies keep a track of price, date, location, quality, and other relevant information for effective management of the supply chain. This increases the traceability of the material supply chain, minimizes the losses and costs incurred from counterfeit products, and improves visibility and compliance which in turn enhances the organization’s market […]