This post covers the top 5 must-know blockchain use cases in 2022. In each of these use cases of this technology, the Mutual authentication and transparency delivered by it are the main characteristics that make blockchain genuinely beneficial. 

1. Healthcare

The straight-up fact is that the coronavirus pandemic has put the healthcare service capability of responding to risky, fast-evolving situations to the test. Transparent and productive record-keeping plus safe and timely access to the records is critical to the correct operation of these systems under pressure. Getting the records of patients kept on a blockchain lets medical staff and any 1st responder access them and have a good idea of their accuracy before offering the right care. Particularly, in 2022, since we come out from Covid-19, blockchain will assist in ensuring that the health systems function more quickly, productively, and safely than ever.

2. Supply chain blockchain use cases

2. Supply chain blockchain use cases

Worldwide trade and today’s society depend on the JIT (just-in-time) inventory system, which is the stuff lots of us failed to figure out until all of them broke under stress from issues the coronavirus pandemic has caused. While blockchain cannot handle every one of these issues, it can enable firms to track their supply chains and respond better if anything errs. Because blockchain helps to develop transparent and traceable supply chains, you can have peace of mind about their security. Ultimately, stakeholders know inside out where goods have been from and how much time they have been in transit. 

3. The Internet of Things

This is one of the must-know blockchain use cases. Smart gadgets become less sizable, so the possibility of threats leveraging security weaknesses to enter networks increases. A measure against these security dangers is via anomaly detection which gives users a heads-up about abnormal behavior of the network. The blockchain-based digital ledger consensually shared provides a thorough record against deviations from what is normal.

4. Cryptocurrency blockchain use cases

4. Cryptocurrency blockchain use cases

The significance of this technology to cryptocurrency is that it provides it with freedom from being controlled by central authorities. Here, the authority is the blockchain on its own and it can record transparently the ownership of who for what. A popular example is a current explosion of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), digital items that have smart contracts attested to their ownership, and which are usually bought with cryptocurrency. 

5. Voting

When it comes to the blockchain use cases in voting technology, the benefits revolve around 2 characteristics intrinsic to the blockchain to date (namely, transparency and immutability. For example, leveraging the Hyperledger Fabric system, Spanish researchers have created an E-Voting System dedicated to providing voters with the condition of being anonymous and the trust in the election process’s impartiality.

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