Blockchain technology became known with Bitcoin as the starting point 13 years ago, and now it has grown much more popular. Many enterprises are expanding in lots of fields such as finance by relying on the blockchain. If you are among them, here is the cutting-edge blockchain solution for finance that you may not want to miss out on.

1. Ethereum

Having been around for a long time, Ethereum is among the top-notch blockchain solutions. It even boasts the creation of its own cryptocurrency referred to as ETH. 

Ethereum is obviously the standout when it comes to decentralization. It has been seeing huge popularity among blockchain app developers for developing dApps (also known as decentralized apps). Meanwhile, high transaction costs and not-so-fast processing are its main letdowns.

2. Ripple blockchain solution for finance

2. Ripple blockchain solution for finance

It leans more toward creating financial applications on the system. More specifically, Ripple is paying more attention to the digital revolution. Its trademark platform developed in 2012 enables linking digital asset exchanges, payment service providers, and banks together, creating a blockchain network for businesses.

It is worth mentioning that RippleNet is devoting itself to liquidity solutions. Expectedly, with these, businesses will not have to settle for pre-funding and have the chance to develop a decentralized infrastructure that allows for quick payment processing (in no more than seconds). You can have high hope for ultimate transparency on this blockchain solution for finance.

3. Cardano

It is a newer blockchain platform based on smart contracts. This blockchain’s key objective is to develop fast decentralized apps with scalability. 

Cardano comes with many features such as legitimacy, transparency, and scalability, making it one of the best options for modern finance applications. But that is not all. Cardano is currently ambitious to create a happy balance between the desires of both decentralized and centralized communities.

4. Stellar

4. Stellar

This blockchain solution for finance is a trusted choice for many banks who want to streamline their services and increase their transparency and safety. Stellar is indeed a powerful blockchain technology for building rapidly and improving fintech application security.

Because it is an open network, you can notice the absence of owners. The public has the whole control here. Plus, Stellar is tied with blockchain to ensure the synchronization of everything with the network. It is safe to state that it is a noteworthy choice whether your firm is seeking a decentralized platform to develop modern finance applications or you are finding swift transactions.

5. Hyperledger Fabric

Should you be considering creating a sophisticated piece of software in blockchain by splitting it into less sizable parts, you will not be able to get enough of this blockchain solution for finance. You will appreciate the accessibility of all-around and modular designs here. 

One of its best features is the home network for networks. Hyperledger Fabric assists you in maintaining various relations within the network.

In conclusion, we hope you can draw a clearer picture of the most cutting-edge blockchain solution for finance. If you are looking for closer consultation about this, please contact SmartOCS now.

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