Every digital currency has a community surrounding it, each with multiple stakeholders eager to sell you their unique strategies for the future of crypto. The crypto community platform is wealthy not just in terms of the things it owns, but also in terms of the information and insight it shares. 

Selecting a focus for your efforts at the beginning could be challenging. The top 5 well-known sites for crypto communities are listed in this post, which will help you better grasp what they are like.

What is a crypto community?

Best crypto community platform to start with

In short, cryptocurrency communities are associations of people who have a common interest in trading cryptocurrencies. These online forums give investors a place to share news, discuss issues, and pose queries. They are typically created and maintained through well-known online messaging services.

Because of the complexity of cryptocurrencies and the lack of general information about them, members of the crypto communities see it as their duty to educate others.

Only a limited group of individuals first understood the idea of cryptocurrencies and the first coin ever created (Bitcoin), even if they were aware of its potential as a replacement for the established financial system.

The best crypto community platform

In this decentralized clique, you’ll meet friends, mentors, and opponents. Here are some of the top crypto communities.

Crypto Twitter

Best crypto community platform to start with

The Crypto community platform’s main hub is Twitter (CT). Although the social network doesn’t (yet) include a section specifically for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, you may still meet other investors who share your interests there and build a social network by following others. By following industry professionals, programmers, or cryptocurrency platforms, you can locate other like-minded investors.

Investors discuss charts on Twitter, speculate on assets, share memes, and become engulfed in controversy there. Developers compete to build the finest cryptocurrency platform in one area, technical analysis specialists upload charts in another, and meme experts compile the most dramatic occurrences in the community in a third.

Additionally, there is a sizable NFT investment community in CT. Thanks to Twitter, these investors are able to utilize their actual NFT as their profile image, which is a link to a hosted JPEG file.


With more than 1.5 billion monthly views, Reddit ranks fifth in the US and is the 18th most popular website overall. Due to its stringent guidelines and unique subreddit features, it draws precisely the type of audience interested in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and crypto marketing. The site is frequently frequented by some of the most powerful figures in the industry.


Best crypto community platform to start with

You can converse with them and meet new people on Discord. With the help of Discord, you may text, call, and join servers in addition to instant messaging. On either personal or public Discord servers, most crypto enthusiasts primarily chat.

The crypto and trading platforms’ or CT traders’ servers would be considered public servers. Project information, announcements, and lessons are provided on servers run by cryptocurrency platforms. Along with speculating on their token’s value, you may engage in conversation about the project with others.


The Medium of the cryptocurrency world is Steemit. The platform is a blogging service built on the blockchain that pays contributors in native STEEM money. Despite the popularity of the earlier options, this site at least pays you for posting.

As a decentralized application (dApp), Steemit is hosted on the Steem blockchain network. Steemit pays users to post their ideas and opinions in order to decentralize communication and encourage its global and wide adoption.


In late 2017, Telegram was the ideal platform for fostering community. It is still a popular platform for airdrops and initial coin offerings. Developers may update their followers in real time, and the app includes strong privacy protections that keep users secure. To get to the good stuff, though, you might need to weed through all the spam, bots, and false followers.

Sum up

Since blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives are inherently social, establishing a community on a variety of social crypto community platforms is crucial if you want to successfully launch your own project. Contact us to learn how to take advantage of these crypto communities!

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