This paper will show you 4 easy steps to create a blockchain ERC token and 10 minutes to create your own token technically.

4 steps to create an blockchain ERC token

Token specifications

The first step involves the token specifications. Here you can define several things that will make your token unique, such as:

  • Connect your wallet to the app
  • Click on create token on the app dashboard
  • Choosing Ethereum, and then you can take a menu where you can get a coin name
  • Specify your token (number of tokens, number after zero could be counted valued)
  • Add different feature to your own coins
  • Turn on and off everything with a click in the well organized menu  
  • Publish your own token and your token will be automatically transferred to your address. 
Beginner's handbook to blockchain erc

Codification of the contract

To generate ERC20 tokens, you need to write code in a programming language that the Ethereum protocol can understand. No technical knowledge is necessary as you can use other programs to do this. In these programs, you simply replace your specific features with the ones you provided in the token specification.

Testing the token on a testnet

The third step is about testing. When you are checking your new token, the system will check for any errors. Testnet is very important for this. To be able to check your tokens, you must use a good wallet. You can use well-known software wallets like MyEtherWallet and MetaMask wallet.

By testing, you simulate your actual token generation. The process is quick and free. You will be asked to pay, but this is part of the simulation and not real money. 

Beginner's handbook to blockchain erc

Verify the token source code

To generate your token, verifying the source code is the fourth and final step in the process. This stage is very important because it allows you to make a project completely transparent. You can do this using the “match and reveal” option in the contract code. Make sure that all data is correct so that the source code of the contract can be verified!

10 minutes to create your own token

Create cryptocurrency without coding

There are token generation platforms that can generate ERC20 tokens. Cointool is one of the applications that can do this. Through this platform, you can send your coins to the world instantly.

Create a token on BNB Smart Chain

You can also use Cointool for your own crypto tokens on the BNB Smart Chain. These BEP20 tokens can be generated in the same way as ERC20 tokens. When you decide to pay attention to the program, you will discover that ETH and BSC token generation are quite similar.

By using the express version, such as Cointool, you can generate your tokens on the BNB Smart Chain in a similar way. The Binance blockchain has the advantage that gas fees are cheap compared to the fees you pay on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, BNB Smart Chain processes transactions much faster.

Beginner's handbook to blockchain erc

Arranging after creating

If you want to turn your crypto into a serious project, you should have a plan. Does it mean a memecoin? Or will the token become an important token in an ecosystem? Although the memecoins are fueled by hype and speculation, such as the creation of a white paper and making the token visible online.

Hope that paper helped you with a thorough knowledge about blockchain erc and how to create your own cryptocurrency. 

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