In this article, we will learn what blockchain rpc is, their importance as well as some notes and experiences when customizing blockchain rpc to connect to EVM chains. This topic is about a simple explanation of blockchain rpc importance in blockchain.

1. What is a Remote Procedure Call blockchain rpc?

In Blockchain, blockchain rpc (Remote Procedure Call) is a set of protocols and interfaces by which users interact with the blockchain system.

A simple explanation of rpc importance in blockchain

In a simpler way, it can be thought of as a gateway to help developers, Web3 applications and Crypto Wallets more easily communicate with remote Blockchain systems.

With blockchain rpc, users can query Blockchain-related information (such as block numbers, blocks, etc.), allowing us to read blockchain data and send transactions to networks.

Currently, blockchain rpc services are a widely used technology when it comes to dApp development, especially in the context of EVM Chain launches.

2. What does blockchain rpc do?

Here are 3 popular applications of blockchain rpc in Crypto:

Querying blockchain data 

When building applications on Blockchains, developers also need access to many types of information on Blockchain such as; block number, connection to the node, transaction assets and blockchain history data.

Blockchain rpc helps nodes make requests of their desires.  As well as, it also help them get an answer with the information that they need. To do this, developers have a few choices but the easiest, fastest solution to get instant access to blockchains is to use blockchain rpc services.

Simplify the process of building Blockchain applications

A simple explanation of rpc importance in blockchain

The blockchain rpc Layer is also useful when building applications on Blockchain because it greatly simplifies the work of developers. This helps node in management as well as information retrieval.

Run Calls to access a large amount of information from Blockchain

Developers can run Call commands to perform tasks such as encrypting wallets, creating JSON objects into human-readable data, finding the current block size, generating multi-signature addresses, and so on. 

3 Why do we need blockchain rpcs?

A simple explanation of rpc importance in blockchain

Blockchain rpc supports services like MetaMask and other Web 3.0 applications that connect to information on different blockchains. With blockchain rpcs, they can automatically interact with blockchain data and perform tasks like cryptocurrency wallet transactions. 

Example of how blockchain rpc works: When a user accesses a DEX or uses MetaMask to make a transaction, their request goes through blockchain rpc to connect them.

Especially in the context of L1 Blockchains sprouting like mushrooms after the rain, the demand for using blockchain rpc to connect to Blockchains is higher than ever. From here it is possible that blockchain rpc is an essential tool that blockchain developers need to use to build decentralized applications and projects.

I hope this content will help you to grasp the overview information about what is blockchain rpc node, its importance in Blockchain and some notes and experiences when Custom blockchain rpc connects with other nodes as well as EVM chain.

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