We’ve done the research for you to find the best DApp listing sites for your decentralized apps, so you can spend less time researching and more time implementing. implement marketing strategies for your web3 project. These 5 websites to find a dapp developer for your project will help you much!

1. DApp listing website definition

In the web3 space, DApp listing sites are the platform that allows web3 projects to list decentralized applications on their platform and provide users with useful resources and information about the DApp. The goal of DApp listing platforms is to provide a clear view of the active DApps in the web3 ecosystem.

5 websites to find dapp developer for your project

These platforms were originally created with the goal of showcasing projects built on different blockchains. However, over time, DApp listing sites have become popular for crypto investors and users to find the latest insights on decentralized applications and effective DApps. 

The DApp listing platform compiles and shares essential metrics like activity rate, progress, DApp community authenticity, transaction volume, users, and more.

2. 5 websites to find dapp developer for your project

These are 5 websites to find a dapp developer for your project – take note of it.

2.1. Dap Radar

DappRadar is the current best DApp listing site in the web3 ecosystem. Their goal is to create the leading ecosystem for discovering, monitoring and managing decentralized ecosystems. DappRadar supports listing of DApps from over 48 protocols and also provides portfolio management to users along with useful industry insights. In addition to listing a DApp, you can also create airdrops and promotional campaigns for your NFT or token launch on DappRadar.

5 websites to find dapp developer for your project

2.2. State of the DApps

State of the DApps is a non-profit directory of decentralized applications that allows the listing of DApps for more than 10 protocols/platforms. Initially, the platform was launched to showcase the development of Ethereum-based DApps. Due to the massive growth of the platform, it has expanded to showcase the development of the DApp ecosystem on top of several other protocols.

State of the Dapps also allows decentralized applications the option to run ad campaigns. The platform claims on its website that they offer a CTR higher than the industry average of 1.91% for search ads and 0.35% for display ads.

5 websites to find dapp developer for your project

2.3. Dapp.com

Dapp.com is another listing site for decentralized apps, focused on providing access to an unparalleled platform for blockchain developers and founders to showcase their DApps. Dapp.com provides a list of decentralized applications from 15+ blockchain networks across categories like DeFi, Games, Exchanges, Social, Art, and more.

2.4. Dapp.review

Dapp.review is a growing DApp listing website that provides users with access to on-chain data of decentralized applications and industry insights. The listing platforms offer DApp submissions from over 10 blockchain protocols and are committed to helping web3 founders and developers showcase their DApps to web3 users and investors globally. Witnessing the growth of Dapp. review, it was acquired by Binance in 2019.

5 websites to find dapp developer for your project

2.5. Dapp.expert

Dapp. expert is another growing directory for decentralized applications that provide users with information and insights about DApps, the latest news and trends in the web3 ecosystem, and information. industry details. The platform supports the listing of decentralized applications from more than 15 blockchain networks.

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