Defi has been around for a while in the crypto world. Many people join projects that provide Defi services every day, and many crypto analysts believe this trend will continue. However, as competition heats up, many people launching decentralized projects face a dilemma: how to spread the word about their project? Even if the crypto community is picky, there are ways to attract its attention. Below are five trendy strategies to promote your defi project.

1. SEO and Content Marketing

5 trendy strategies to promote your defi project

Without an online presence, you don’t exist, and Defi initiatives are no exception. To keep visitors coming back for more, any business with long-term goals must have a well-optimized website with plenty of information about its project. Otherwise, search engines will not express their gratitude.

To begin, we must ensure that we adhere to all of the best SEO practices to increase our organic reach. It’s free, but you must research whether or not our themes are searched on the internet and how. 

2. Social Media Engagement

An effective social media marketing strategy can generate interest in the project and encourage users to participate in and support the idea that emerges from the project. Social media can also be an excellent tool for publishing updates and providing additional information to community members.

To make it happen and suit your audience, you must be very bright and up-to-date at the moment. If you’re a brand or managing your profile, you can’t pretend to be someone you’re not. The other aspect is determining how to make this content visible. You can collaborate with various communities of relevant people and brands. You might be fortunate enough to be noticed by those experts who will also contribute to the growth of the audience. Finally, maintain organic traffic by following and being followed back.

3. Community Management

5 trendy strategies to promote your defi project

It is also critical to interact with the target audience on relevant forums such as Telegram, Quorra, and Discord. More people will take part in discussions and contribute their opinions and ideas as a project becomes more widely known. People are always looking for new ideas, and bringing up yours may pique their interest.

It is critical to establish a Web3 community. Human interaction is what allows decentralized products and services to thrive. And Web3 users are eager to participate. We’ve noticed this across all major channels, particularly Twitter and Telegram.

4. DeFi Trackers, Ratings, and Listings

Another marketing strategy for Defi projects is to get mentions on Defi-specific websites such as trackers, calendars, listings, and ratings. The most widely used trackers are:

  • Defipulse
  • Defiprime
  • Defi
  • Defiscore
  • Defirate

When creating a company profile, it makes sense to include details that may interest your target audience (e.g., links to GitHub code, technical documentation, press portraits of team leaders, project mission, partners, etc.).

5. PR Marketing

5 trendy strategies to promote your defi project

The best way to get your articles published on tier 1 and tier 2 media without being labeled as “sponsored” is to work with a reputable agency with a long history of working with media organizations. By providing Defi projects with professional help and an understanding of the industry, crypto marketing agencies alleviate the stress of creating quality content and building a memorable brand. So it always makes sense to delegate responsibility for content creation to an agency so they can focus on other aspects of running a business.


Companies should be prepared to promote Defi projects in a variety of ways. Making a great website, establishing a strong crypto community, and expanding content outreach are all critical. Still, none of this will work unless there is an actionable and measurable Defi marketing plan. Contact SmartOSC if you need DeFi products services.

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