Today, blockchain technology empowers businesses and disrupts even the biggest industries. We help companies, and startups get the best from blockchain distributed ledger technologies and decentralized networks. Genesee provides guidance and support to equip educational and financial institutions, real estate, and healthcare markets with complete blockchain digital transformations.

Custom blockchain development mechanism 

Block creation

  • A transaction appears.
  • Switch to a distributed node blockchain network.
  • Verify at each node.
  • If there is consensus.
  • The transaction is accepted.
  • The selected data (limited amount) is recorded in a block.
5 reasons why you should use custom blockchain development services

Block linking

The previous block is the accurate data.

  • Create a new block.
  • Build links between blocks.
  • The blocks are linked together.

P.S. Each block has a unique code — the hash. It allows forgery to be identified because every time a transaction changes, the soup also changes.

Chain adding

  • The transaction is blocked.
  • A chain is formed.
  • If a block is added.
  • The network uses consensus agreement to verify previous blocks.
  • All chains are verified.

Five reasons why you should use custom blockchain development services

Blockchain consulting

Custom blockchain development services will evaluate your goals and see if blockchain is the best choice for your needs (or we will provide an alternative).

5 reasons why you should use custom blockchain development services

Custom Blockchain Development

Custom blockchain development services experts will be able to provide you with individual blockchain-based solutions that will meet the specific requirements of your business.

Smart contract

 Custom blockchain development services will write algorithms to automate the checking and execution of contracts in a blockchain environment.

A smart contract is a programmable, highly customizable code that can be designed in various ways to provide a wide range of services and solutions.

In addition, smart contracts are decentralized and self-executing programs, which increase transparency and reduce operational costs. If implemented correctly, they can also increase operational efficiency and reduce administrative costs.

Most applications powered by centralized systems can be similarly designed and powered by smart contracts on the blockchain.

For example, Cryptocurrency wallet stores coins & tokens, decentralized exchanges (DEX), games (gaming), and NFT,…

5 reasons why you should use custom blockchain development services


 For a business, a data breach means that customer information can be compromised or stolen. At that time, the brand’s reputation was also in danger of collapsing. In the retail industry, customers often provide personal data to the companies with which they interact. Enterprises then put the data into their platform systems, creating a potential safety risk. Using blockchain technology, retailers can store important information in a decentralized directory, keeping the data in an impenetrable state. Enterprises can limit who can access files with mutual consent.

Improve the customer care program

Often, customers forget the number of points they have accumulated by month or year from membership programs. With blockchain technology as the foundation, retailers can offer digitized cumulative points. With this cryptocurrency, customers can invest or spend on anything they want. Customers will often return if they know their wallet can add value. In addition to improving the experience and encouraging consumers to return, the blockchain system also allows retailers to attract a younger generation of shoppers interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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