Every day, thousands of new members join the cryptocurrency industry, and many questions arise in their minds. There are a lot of acronyms in this space that aren’t from the traditional world. AMA, or Ask Me Anything in full, is another well-known acronym in the crypto industry. So, what is AMA, and how your blockchain project can leverage Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions?

1. What is AMA?

An AMA, “ask me anything,” is an interactive post in which someone answers questions in real-time. The AMA concept originated on Reddit, but they now appear in other social settings, such as webinars, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories. AMAs were originally text-based, but answering questions with live social video or interactive stickers can also be effective.

How your blockchain project can leverage Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions

2. What’s the benefit of blockchain AMA?

In a nutshell, cryptocurrency Ask Me Anything benefits both crypto communities and teams. However, Ask Me Anything Crypto helps to improve the relationship between crypto communities and teams. Furthermore, blockchain AMA has some additional benefits listed in descending order.

  • According to the cryptocurrency Project’s teams, the cryptocurrency AMA is set up to ensure equal distribution of information among community members.
  • Face-to-face communication between community members and project operators through cryptocurrency AMA eliminates the need for a third party and ensures that crypto community members receive accurate answers.
  • Cryptocurrency AMA reduces the possibility of spreading false information.
  • According to community members, cryptocurrency AMA reduces the haziness of any project and provides a crystal clear idea.
  • Nothing prevents us from concluding that cryptocurrency AMA strengthens the bond between cryptocurrency team members and community members.

3. How does AMA create a market on a blockchain?

How your blockchain project can leverage Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions

Before participating in any blockchain project’s AMA, you must first determine which social media platform organizes the AMA program for the project you want to join. Most blockchain projects contain their AMA program through Telegram channels. However, we will now see how we can make ourselves more knowledgeable by participating in a blockchain AMA.

  • To take part in any project’s AMA program, we must first gather information about when the project’s AMA occurs. As a result, contacting the admin of the Telegram channel is the most effective method.
  • If you don’t already have one, create one on the social media platform that will host the AMA for the specific project. However, you can join the project’s page if you already have an account. The reason for this is that when the page sees a large number of joining requests, you may encounter issues.
  • Wait for the AMA program to begin. After joining the page when the program starts, register, and ask questions.


Blockchain AMA is a beneficial program for members of the crypto community. As a result, each community member’s projects should take part in respective blockchain AMA programs to analyze their movements. Remember that knowledge is power. And there is no substitute for blockchain AMA programs to expand knowledge. If you are interested in blockchain development solutions, contact SmartOSC to get full-service information that meets your organizational goals.

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